Wiring has started…

Spent the day trying not to burst in to flames, OMG hot! Managed to make a little progress on the engine bay wiring.


Started with this.

Mid way through, closeups of injector and coil connectors.

Testing placement, loom and other cleanup will be later



From fancy Delphi to something that just works…

Originally I spent a pile of money on a fancy Delphi “mil-spec” connector to run my Megasquirt. Just ended up getting frustrated with the quality of some of the tools (I am looking at you stupid plastic pin remover that I bought like 4 times…) and overall price of the parts.

So now I am simply going to run the Megasquirt harness straight from the Megasquirt in the truck to Weather/Metripack connectors in the engine bay using this simple, but effective firewall grommet.


Daystar Universal Firewall Boot

Photobucket can die in a fire…

So yeah, I’ve been using them for several years to host images of all kinds, but mainly to document a few of my vehicle builds. Well with pretty much no warning PB up and decided to not allow “3rd party hosting”. I get it, they have bills to pay and the bandwidth was probably eating them up, but how about a warning? How about not being assclowns and holding my pictures hostage?

Well F those guys, I am going to try to reorganize here.