Modify a Small Block Ford Timing Cover for Supercharger Oil Drain

It’s been a while!!! I apologize for the lack of activity. The usual excuses apply, work, school, family etc.

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick write up on my blower oil drain setup.

Talking with several folks over on the NLOC one of the best (and cleanest) ways to run a supercharger oil drain line is back to the timing cover.
This mod does require extra disassembly, but because the engine was already out of the truck it was quite easy.

The Steps:
1. Locate the proper fitting for the timing cover, picked this up from Summit
2. Get the proper 7/16th drill bit and ¼” NPT tap
3. Make sure your timing cover is nice and clean, I decided to drill and tap the hole in an existing boss in the timing cover. Also, be sure to completely clean all the drill and tap shavings, the timing cover is aluminum so I simply used water and then compressed air to dry it.
Timing Cover Boss
Inside View
4. Finally, all you need to do is lightly apply thread sealant and tighten down the fitting!
Fitting Installed
Fitting Installed 2