1966 Ford Mustang (better known as the Bondo sculpture)

In high school I had a white 1966 Mustang coupe. I hot-rodded the hell out of it for several years, but finally adulting took over and it sat, and sat, and sat. I ended up selling it, I really shouldn’t have, but you know how that goes. Anyway a few years ago I started looking for another nice 6 cylinder car to fix up with my kiddo. I thought I had found a good candidate for a resto mod, but alas hiding under what looked like original paint was at least an inch of Bondo in some areas. So now I have another one that is sitting. I have since stripped it down to bare metal and after the Lightning is done I hope to get it going again. Unfortunately my son is now all grown up and out of the house so I’ll probably be doing it solo 🙁

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